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Our Services


 Design & Build 

Design & Build. One Contract. One Entity.


From conception to completion, we strive to provide uniformity to your project. Our Design & Build team work under a single contract with the client to provide consistent quality design and construction services.

Design & Build Services We Offer:

  • Design (optional)

  • Site surveys

  • Planning applications

  • Demolition of existing structures

  • Disposal of waste/hazardous material

  • New drainage infrastructure

  • New utility services

  • Preparation and laying of foundations

  • Super structure.

  • Steelwork

  • Blockwork and Cladding

  • Internal fit out.

  • Mechanical and electrical

  • External and internal finishes

  • Completion and certification


Renovate and Rejuvenate.


For some projects refurbishments can be a more appropriate option. At SIAD we can beautifully renovating and rejuvenating your space all while striving to minimise interruptions to your daily routine.

Refurbishment Services We Offer:

  • Partial or full demolition

  • Strip-out

  • Structural alterations

  • Upgrading of windows

  • Upgrading of doors

  • New utility and drainage services

  • Upgrading of cladding.

  • Roof replacement

  • Roof repair

  • Relining of gutters

  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades

  • External and internal finishes

  • Dilapidation's

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Building extensions and additions

 Industrial Roofing 

Replace. Overclad. Clean.


Refurbishments can be a hassle. At SIAD, we understand that! We focus on beautifully renovating and rejuvenating your space all while striving to minimise interruptions to your daily routine.

Roof Replacement

Many industrial roofs require substantial renovations during their lifetime. Traditionally, old industrial buildings were clad with asbestos cement sheeting and these present a special maintenance problem. The sheets are fragile and often crack and leak. 


Once a roof has deteriorated to this point replacement is often the only viable option. SIAD have the experience, expertise and certification to make sure your old asbestos roof is safely removed and correctly disposed of according to regulatory requirements. 

Overcladding Existing Roofs

Disruption to your everyday operations can be a concern when considering roof replacement. However, if the roof is structurally sound, rather than replacement, there is a successful hassle free alternative method called overcladding.

Overcladding is the renovation of an existing roof by applying a ‘second skin’ over the top using metal sheeting. This process ensures your existing roof is fully covered against water ingress and your building remains weather proof.

Roof Cleaning

With age, the surface of an asbestos roof can discolour and become covered in moss and algae. This can cause problems and have a severe effect on the roof. It is possible to refurbish an asbestos roof to a high standard, using methods such as remote cleaning


Cleaning roofing will dramatically reduce the deteriorating process of any roof, by removing all the moss and neutralising root growth.


All works performed by SIAD are carried out strictly to CDM regulations and HSE guidelines.

Our Projects


About Us

 Who We Are 

Established over 20 years ago, SIAD are an Oxfordshire based construction company that provide services all across the U.K.

SIAD is committed to maintaining high standards of workmanship and customer care and we pride ourselves on building and maintaining close working relationships with all our clients.


Over the years we have built an experienced team that possesses knowledge and skills to execute high quality work on all our projects.

 What We Offer 

SIAD offer a full range of construction and refurbishment projects, which includes an experienced asbestos division, specialising in the removal, replacement, overclad, cleaning and encapsulation of asbestos roofs.

As well as Construction and Industrial Roofing Services, SIAD also offer 3D Survey, Design & Visualisation services through SIAD Studio.


SIAD Studio provide 3D laser scanning, modelling, 2D/3D designs, 3D visualisation and virtual reality services. All of these can be utilised within any construction and refurbishment project.