Industrial Roofing

Completed Project


The overclad of an existing Asbestos fibre cement roof.


Size: 6300m2

Duration: 16 Weeks

Location: Oxfordshire

Complete Roof Replacement

Many industrial roofs require substantial renovations during their lifetime. Traditionally, old industrial buildings were clad with asbestos cement sheeting and these asbestos roofs present a special maintenance problem. Sheets are fragile and often crack, and loose, corroded fixings add to lift and leakage. 


Once a roof has deteriorated to this point replacement is often the only viable option. The dangers of disturbing the asbestos, however, means even the simplest repair must be undertaken by specialist contractors, and SIAD have the experience, expertise and certification to make sure your old asbestos roof is safely removed and correctly disposed of according to regulatory requirements. 

After removing your old roof SIAD can replace it with a new composite insulated panel system, which will significantly improve your building. This will not only increase the quality of the aesthetics but dramatically improve improve insulation. Additionally, replacing and/or upgrading skylights allows through more natural light during the day.


By installing this roofing solutions it is possible to save money and make a substantial positive impact on the environment. 

Advantages of this method:

  • Potentially hazardous materials can be removed. 

  • The internal appearance of the building can be improved.

  • Opportunity to alter the buildings configuration.

  • Potential to improve the internal working enviroment.

Completed Project


New roof installation to 15 industrial units, using Joris Ide composite roof sheets. A selection of the units also has solar panels installed.


Size: 1200m2

Duration:  4 Weeks

Location: Oxfordshire

Overcladding Existing Roofs

When considering roof replacement, the inconvenience and disruption to your everyday operations can be a concern.


However, if the asbestos roofing is structurally sound, other options maybe available to you. Rather than replacing your old roof, there is a very successful hassle free alternative method called overcladding.

Overcladding is the renovation of an existing roof by applying a ‘second skin’ over the top using metal sheeting.

This process ensures any entry points are fully covered against water ingress and your building remains weather proof. The original asbestos roof remains in place underneath and new skylights could also be installed to replace any old discoloured ones.

Advantages of this method:

  • Minimal disruption below as existing roof is retained. 

  • No loss of revenue due to closure of building.  

  • More cost effective than complete roof replacement. 

  • Minimises further deterioration of the existing roof.

Completed Project



The overclad of an existing Asbestos fibre cement roof.


Size: 1500m2

Duration: 6 Weeks

Location: Oxfordshire

Roof Refurbishment - Cleaning and Waterproofing

With age, the surface of an asbestos roof is likely to be discoloured and covered in moss, algae and lichen. These can cause serious problems and have a severe effect on the surface of your roof.  It is possible to refurbish an existing asbestos roof to a very high standard, using methods such as Remote Cleaning and Biocides. 


To clean asbestos you need specialist training and equipment to ensure all environmental and health and safety regulations are adheared to. All works performed by SIAD are carried out strictly to CDM regulations and HSE A12 guidelines. Cleaning roofing will dramatically reduce the deteriorating process of any roof, by removing all the moss and neutralising root growth.

After cleaning the next step is to encapsulate your asbestos roof, using a choice of waterproofing systems, such as Kemperol Liquid Waterproofing, Fibroseal and Liquid Rubber. The coating applied during encapsulation is UV and moss resistant, meaning your newly encapsulated roof looks newer for longer, with the elimination of moss growth. The solution is extremely tough and flexible and can be applied easily to large areas, as well as smaller seams and joints.

So Why Choose SIAD?


Great Service. Years of Experience and Expertise. Cost Friendly.

SIAD is a well established company with years of experience and expertise in managing roofing projects. We also have a proven track record of working on 'live' buildings, without little or no disruption to the operations happening below.

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