3D Survey & Visualisation

SIAD embraces three game changing technologies - 3D laser scanning, 3D BIM models and Virtual Reality. Our success has been dependent on solid design decisions, founded on comprehensive surveys and unambiguous communication - providing designers and clients with an unprecedented understanding of a building before breaking ground! 

SIAD captures precise survey data that can be referred to throughout the life of any project, providing a lasting resource for architects, owners and building managers alike. Using Laser Scanning we produce accurate, comprehensive measurements and photo surveys of sites and their surroundings, available in accessible point cloud and common 2D and 3D formats. 

3D Laser Scan Data

Completed Project


3D Laser Scan of an Existing Heritage Site


Duration: 3 Days

Location: London

Laser Scanning Surveys

3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, highly accurate technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects through the use of laser beams. Using a tripod mounted system similar to a traditional survey device, laser scanners send out up to a million laser beams a second, obtaining a full 360 degree scan.


Laser Scanning allows buildings and assets to be captured in 3D quickly and efficiently, with the 3D laser scanner creating a “point clouds” of data from the information captured.


Many advanced 3D modelling programs use this 3D point cloud data and SIAD can produce accurate 2D drawings or 3D BIM models from the laser scan data captured on your site.

Benefits of Laser Scanning

  • Rapid data collection with 1,000,000 points per second

  • Scan points accurate to +/- 3mm

  • All information in the scan view collected in just one visit

  • Reduces risk and safety constraints by allowing remote surveys at hazardous sites and restricted locations

  • Data can be processed on an “as-needed” basis 

  • Permanent ‘point-in-time’ archive for heritage recording 

Services we offer

  • Revit

  • AutoCAD

  • Laser Scanning

  • 3D BIM Modelling

  • Virtual Reality

3D Laser Scanning
3D Laser Scan

2D Design and 3D Modelling

Utilising the 'point cloud' data collected from the 3D laser scanner SIAD are able to produce accurate 2D architectural designs or 3D  BIM models, using AutoCAD or Building Information Modelling (BIM) software such as Autodesk Revit.

Building information modelling (BIM) uses the scan data to digitally create a 3D model of the finished product. It creates equivalents of the actual pieces used to construct a building, such as windows and doors, air conditioning systems and specialised equipment. 

Using BIM software like Revit will save time and money over the life cycle of a project by bringing together information created by the design team into one virtual information model. This can then be handed over to the main contractor and subcontractors and then on to the owner, with each professional able to add discipline specific data to the single shared model. This reduces information loss that can occur over the life of a project, and provides more extensive information to owners of complex structures.

  Benefits of 3D Modelling: 

  • Better outcomes through collaboration - using a single shared model ensure that everyone can have input on the evolution of the design.

  • Ability to incorporate additional information into model.

  • Minimises errors, regardless of how many times the design changes.

  • Reduction in project duration and costs.

3D Model from Laser Scan Data

Completed Project


3D Laser Scan of Existing an Heritage Site


Duration: 3 Days

Location: Buckinghamshire

Virtual Reality (VR) Visualisation

Using BIM data SIAD can take an existing 3D model into a VR environment. Through the use of a head mounted  display the user can ‘step inside' the model and get a fully immersive VR experience, giving a full sense of scale, depth and spatial awareness that simply can't be matched by a rendering, walk-through or physical scale model.

 Benefits of VR Visualisation: 

  • Virtual Reality allows the user to experience a project in the design phase, allowing for refinement of design and elimination of problems early.


  • Virtual Reality allows SIAD to showcase a project to the client and confirm the design is exactly right.